What you need to provide

Standard provisions

In order to assist with our infection control policy we ask each parent/carer to provide indoor shoes, slippers or plimsoles for the children to change into as they arrive at nursery, along with spare suitable outside and indoor clothes, wellies and sunhat. 

All clothing and footwear should be clearly marked with your child’s name. It may be a good idea to have a few spares in your child’s box whilst they are toilet training. These can be stored in your child’s allocated plastic box.

Wellies are essential in our nursery and are kept in either our Boot Room, or on our moveable welly racks.  We do however provide waterproof overalls which allow children to be out in all weathers.

If spare clothes are needed, your child’s original clothes will be double bagged and hung on their peg. Clean spare clothes should then replenish the box at the child’s next attendance.

Additional provisions for babies

Private facilities are available if you would prefer to come to the nursery to breast feed your baby.

Babies should have a change of clothing and suitable outdoor wear, along with bottles and nappy rash cream if required. All equipment should be clearly labelled.

Formula milk if required through the day will be supplied by us. Our staff will prepare your child’s formula milk if you can let us know which type they require.  Sterilising equipment is used prior to preparing bottles. 

When weaning, parents can decide whether they want to
supply their own weaning food or whether food should be supplied by the nursery. This will be covered in your child’s Individual Care Plan.

Supermarket brand nappies, and fragrance free wipes are also provided by the nursery. Any sensitivities should be noted in your child’s Care Plan

Food & meal times

Roseangle House Nursery provides a well-balanced meal plan on a four week rotation.

The children will receive main meals cooked from scratch on our both our premises so that we know exactly what your child is eating and can cater for allergies and dietary requirements.

There will also be multi-cultural awareness weeks in which the children sample food from a chosen country and learn some basic words in that country’s language to go along with it. 

Breakfast is served around 8am and is self service.

Snack at 10am.

Lunch will be served around noon.

Snack at around 2.30pm.

Tea will be served around 4pm.

Policy documents

Roseangle House Nursery prides itself on its child-centred approach, however it is essential that parents and staff know that we have an organised and well planned nursery that is prepared for every eventuality. Therefore we have an extensive catalogue of policies and procedures which we use as working guidance both for staff and parents/carers which are available for all to see.